CBSE Books for Class 5

 The Central Board of Secondary Education provides NCERT textbooks. Selecting effective study material helps students to excel in their examination. Class 5 is considered to be the basic foundational building class, where students are introduced to the basics that are taught in details in classes ahead. There are a various number of publication, which provides conceptual knowledge to the students, available in a market that can create confusion to the students. Thus to avoid such confusion CBSE has standardized the material book to follow, which is NCERT textbooks for studies.

BYJU’S bring you a free download of NCERT book for class 5 students for CBSE board along with Maths and Science. These books provide a specific explanation of every concept under CBSE Class 5 syllabus, where students can find every detail for class 5.

Get the Books for Class 5 Maths and Science by visiting the links given below.

Practise This Question

A circular coil of radius 4 cm has 50 turns. In this coil a current of 2 A is flowing. It is placed in a magnetic field of 0.1 weber/m2. The amount of work done in rotating it through 180 from its equilibrium position will be