CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 2 From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food Important Questions

Students can learn about hunting, gathering and growing food from Chapter 2 of CBSE Class 6 History book. Students also get to explore further about farming and herding from this Chapter. CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 2 From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food Important Questions cover the major concepts of this Chapter and is a good resource for the students to prepare for the exams. Practising these questions help students to revise the entire Chapter thoroughly. They will also get good scores on the exam, as most of these questions are likely to be asked in the exam. These CBSE Class 6 History Important questions  from Chapter 2 is an important chapter and solving these questions is the best way to revise the chapter for the board exams.

Find the link given below to download the CBSE Class 6 Important Questions of Chapter 2 History. Students can start preparing for the exam now.

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From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food

1. Why do we describe the people who lived in the subcontinent as early as two million years ago as hunter-gatherers?

2. Why did the hunter-gatherers move from place to place? Give reasons. In what ways are these similar to/different from the reasons for which we travel today?

3. How do we know about hunter-gatherers?

4. What are the Sites?

5. Explain about Palaeolithic.

6. What is Domestication?

7. Which were the ways in which Grains were used?

8. Apart from food, what are the other things that could have been obtained from animals? What are animals used for today?

9. Hunter-gatherers chose to live in caves and rock shelters because ————————

10. Why do people who grow crops have to stay in the same place for a long time?

11. Why do archaeologists think that many people who lived in Mehrgarh were hunters to start with and that herding became more important later?

12. List three ways in which hunter-gatherers used fire. Would you use fire for any of these purposes today?

13. List three ways in which the lives of farmers and herders would have been different from that of hunter-gatherers.

14. Early man who lived on the banks of the rivers went in search of water during the rainy season. True or False?

15. Give some examples of Habitation Sites.

16. Give reasons why people chose to live in a natural cave?

17. Mention briefly about the paintings found from Madhya Pradesh and Southern Uttar Pradesh.

18. What are microliths?

19. Write a short note on Mehrgarh.

20. Bhimbetka Caves and rock shelter are located close to _____
(a) Ganga valley
(b) Narmada Valley
(c) Bhim Valley
(d) None of the above

21. The middle stone period is also known as _____
(a) Mesolithic
(b) Neolithic
(c) Palaeolithic
(d) Microliths

22. One of the most famous Neolithic Site, Catal Huyuk was found in ____
(a) India
(b) Africa
(c) Iran
(d) Turkey



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