CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 3 In The Earliest Cities Important Questions

Very often, old buildings have a story to tell. Nearly a hundred and fifty years ago, when railway lines were being laid down for the first time in Punjab, engineers stumbled upon the site of Harappa in present-day Pakistan. From Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 6 History, students get to explore further about the earliest cities. CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 3 In The Earliest Cities Important Questions are the best resource to prepare for the exam. History is an interesting subject and this Chapter deals with the Harappan Civilisation. Students can practise these questions from the CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 3 and score high marks.

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In The Earliest Cities

1. What is the story of Harappa? Write in a few words.

2. Very often, old buildings are pulled down to make way for new construction. Do you think it is important to preserve old buildings?

3. Explain Faience.

4. What are Raw Materials?

5. Write about Seals and sealings.

6. How do archaeologists know that cloth was used in the Harappan civilisation?

7. Why were metals, writing, the wheel, and the plough important for the Harappans?

8. Make a list of all the terracotta toys shown in the lesson. Which do you think children would have enjoyed playing with the most?

9. Make a list of what the Harappans ate, and put a tick mark against the things you eat today.

10. When did Cotton cultivation at Mehrgarh start?

11. Where and When did Cotton Cultivation Start?

12. Explain the term “Citadel.”

13. What are the factors, which reveal that Lothal was an important production centre of the Harappan civilisation? Mention any three.

14. What were the types of houses found in earlier cities?

15. Which are the cities that had elaborate storehouses?

16. Can you suggest what the modes of transport used by the Harappans were?

17. Write about Harappan towns in Gujarat.

18. Who is a specialist?

19. Mention the places where fire altars have been discovered.

20. What was the cause of the decline of the Harappan civilisation?

21. Name who found the evidence of Ancient farmers and herders.
(b) Astrologists
(c) Biologists
(d) Historians

22. Where is Mehrgarh located, today?
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Andar Pradesh
(c) Pakistan
(d) China

23. Name the type of food that we get from the plants.
(a) Milk
(b) Meat
(c) Fruits, vegetables and grains
(d) None of the above



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