Physics Sample Paper Class 12 CBSE With Solution PDF 2016

Solving the sample papers is one of the best ways to prepare effectively for the board exam and understand the pattern of the questions asked. By solving sample papers, one also gets to understand the important questions and chapters for the exam.

Generally, CBSE physics paper in class 12 exam includes questions that are both tricky and lengthy. To help the students prepare for the exam more efficiently, physics sample paper class 12 CBSE with solutions are given here.

The physics sample paper of 2016 given here is in accordance with the CBSE guidelines and CBSE Class 12 syllabus. The solutions given here are in easy to understand steps which can help the students to get the best solutions for the respective questions.

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A coil of 100 turns of dimensions 25cm × 4cm carries a current of 2A. It makes an angle of 37 with a B - field of 10T. Find the torque acting on it. Also find the work done to rotate it such that the angle increases to 53.