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CBSE Mock Test is the best resource for the students to evaluate their exam preparation before the actual exam. The CBSE Mock Papers are designed as per the revised syllabus and latest exam pattern. By practising the CBSE Mock Test and CBSE Sample Papers, students will get a good idea of question paper design, types of questions expected to be asked in the exam and their difficulty level. Also, they will get to know the marks weightage of the paper. By solving the CBSE Online Mock Test, students will learn how to manage time during the exam so they can complete the paper in the allocated time duration.

Online CBSE Class 9 Mock Tests

Attempting Online CBSE Class 9 Mock tests help students to access their exam preparation before the exam. By practising the mock paper, Class 9 students get to know the topics at which they are strong and weak. Accordingly, they plan their studies and work on improving their performance. Doing so boosts their exam preparation, and they feel more confident while appearing for the exam.

Download CBSE Class 9 Online Mock Test Papers

Subject PDF Link
Class 9 Social Science Mock Test Paper Download PDF

Download CBSE Class 10 Intriguing Questions

Subject PDF Link
Mathematics: Quadratic Equations Download PDF
Chemistry: Classification of Elements Download PDF
Biology: Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Download PDF
Physics: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current Download PDF
Mathematics: Applications of Trigonometry Download PDF
Chemistry: Mendeleev’s Periodic Table Download PDF
Biology: Human Reproduction Download PDF
Physics: Magnetic Field Due to Current Carrying Conductor Download PDF

Download CBSE Class 10 Complete Formula Sheet

Subject PDF Link
Complete Formula Sheet for Term 2 Maths Download PDF
Formula Sheet and Mind Map for Physics Term II Exam Download PDF

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