Class 10th term 2 Hindi board exam to be conducted on 18th May 2022

CBSE class 10 board exam is to be conducted in the 3rd week of May – May 18th, 2022. The language test is divided into 2 courses A and B, and the exam date for both courses is the same, according to the schedule published by the Central Board.

The students have already been assessed on 50% syllabus in the first term which was for 50 marks, and the remaining 50% will be assessed in term 2 which is also of 50 marks. The Term 1 exam was for 40 marks and the rest 10 marks were for internal assessment and the same will be the situation in term 2. The main grade will be derived from the cumulative scoring of both the terms.

Internal Assessment Marking Scheme



Class Assessment






Listening and Speaking Assessment




Check out the CBSE class 10 hindi syllabus for term 2 Board Exam

Revision Tricks

  1. Go through previous year question papers and sample papers for class 10 term 2 Hindi Board exam.
  2. Read the syllabus properly, mark all the topics along the line once you complete them and then recheck and revise.
  3. Do written practice. The content of language exams is easy to learn but difficult to write as the answers are usually very long.
  4. Check the marking scheme, prioritise the topics accordingly and then study.

Things to keep in mind while giving the exam

  1. The question paper is given 15 minutes before the starting time of the exam. Use this time to read the question paper at least twice.
  2. The exam will be divided into 3 parts, ‘क’, ‘ख’ and ‘ग’ i.e., reading, writing and literature respectively. Prioritise the sections on the basis of your learning. Attempt the questions that you are most confident about first.
  3. Give brief and concise answers as CBSE is very strict about its world limit.
  4. Underline important points instead of decorating the sheet with creative writing. Write in the format that you are comfortable with and is readable for others.
  5. Space out each word properly so that the answer sheet looks neat and readable.
  6. Drink Water, to calm down the stress.
  7. Revise the answer sheet at least twice before submitting.

CBSE term 2 boards: Exam Day instructions

  1. Take a look at the instructions mentioned on the question paper.
  2. Provide all the details that have been asked.
  3. Properly check the order of the sheets and then tie them.
  4. Reach the exam venue on time. 
  5. Covid-19 guidelines to be followed at all times.
  6. Banned items like digital watches, to not be carried.
  7. Carry a printed copy of your admit card. 


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