How CBSE answer key 2022 will help you predict your board exam marks

After the Term 1 Examination CBSE released an answer key giving the students an exact answer to what they scored, before the result was out. With the answer key, it gets easier for students to realize where they lacked behind and understand what they need to improve.

CBSE follows a stepwise approach when it comes to marking, especially in subjects where the answers need to be solved and not remembered. Hence a set of answer keys is already prepared for the examiners to check the answer sheets.

After the board exams, the answer key is then made publicly available for students to analyze their performance.

The CBSE answer key is like a guide to what your answer should revolve around. The subjective and theoretical questions need not be word to word similar, but the core of the answer should match to the answer key, in order to fetch marks.

How to predict your score before CBSE term 2 results come out?

  1. For Term 1, you must match each MCQ answer with the answer key, and for each correct answer you must reward yourself with one mark.
  2. There is no negative marking, so amalgamate the number of correct answers, and that is your score for Term 1 paper.
  3. For Term 2, make a mental note of what answer you have given in your exam, and for what question.
  4. When the answer key is released look for key elements, theorems, core, formulas, or gist of the answer.
  5. You must compare notes with what you wrote and what is provided.

Good marks give a sense of achievement to students, and you can understand the CBSE marking scheme here. Understanding the marking scheme will help you get a better idea on how the answer key can be used as a mode to predict the score.

CBSE board exam 2022 Term 1 result was provided in the form of individual subject grades, via schools, and not online portal. After the CBSE Term 2 board test is completed, the final results will be announced. But as usual the answer key will be released before the result itself.

CBSE Answer Key 2022 FAQ’s

Does CBSE release an official answer key?

Yes, it does.

Where do they release the answer key?

The answer key is released on the official website of CBSE

How to check Language answers?

Checking facts based answers and formula based answers can be easier, but in language a similar answer can be written in a thousand ways. So to estimate if your answer is correct or not, look for usage key characters and whether you have answered the question raised out of a story. The way you must have framed it, can be entirely different to the answer key, but that is no reason to worry as language is fluid.

How will predicting your score help you?

In case of 12th Standard students, an estimation of marks can help with college applications and in case of 10th Standard students, it can help with selection of stream (as a lot of schools have marks based requirement for stream selection).


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