CBSE Class 10 English Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses - 2 MCQ

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – 2

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – II with Answers are provided here to help students prepare well for the English exam. The Board has introduced the MCQs in the new exam pattern and also increased its weightage. So, now students have to prepare for the MCQs as well to score high marks in the board exam. The multiple-choice questions asked in the exam will be of varying levels. It can be based on the extract or an individual MCQ asked from a chapter. So, students can prepare thoroughly for the English exam by practising the CBSE Class 10 English MCQ available at BYJU’S.

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – II with Answers

The Hundred Dresses – II MCQs Based on the Extract

Extract 1:

Weeks went by, and still, Wanda did not answer.

Peggy had begun to forget the whole business, and Maddie put herself to sleep at night making speeches about Wanda, defending her from great crowds of girls who were trying to tease her with, “How many dresses have you got?” And before Wanda could press her lips together in a tight line, the way she did before answering, Maddie would cry out, “Stop!”

Q1) Which primary feelings of Maddie does the extract reveal?

a) guilt, regret and righteousness

b) guilt and shame

c) shame, regret and courage

d) courage and righteousness

Correct Answer: Option (c)

Q2) Which of the following is most likely to be a part of Maddie’s speech?

a) Stop! I think it’s about time we asked her a new question. This is not fun anymore. How about her faded dress?

b) Stop! Don’t you know that I’m the one who had to lead in Peggy’s absence? This is unacceptable.

c) Stop! How dare you all join in without Peggy’s permission? Don’t you know she’d be angry?

d) Stop! Aren’t you all ashamed of yourself? Why do you trouble her? She means no harm to anyone.

Correct Answer: Option (a)

Q3) Pick the option with a cause-effect relation, with reference to the given extract.

a) Wanda’s absence – Peggy missing Wanda

b) Maddie’s need to make amends – Confessing publicly

c) Wanda’s absence – Maddie’s need to make amends

d) Peggy teasing Wanda – Maddie’s stand against it

Correct Answer: Option (c)

Q4) Choose the declaration which is likely to be received with the pressing of lips together in a tight line.

CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses - II

Correct Answer: Option (1)

Q5) Wanda didn’t reply to the letter for weeks.

Pick the option that DOES NOT supply a possible reason for this from those given below.

a) The letter took more than a couple of weeks to reach her as it didn’t have an address and needed to be forwarded.

b) She needed time to forgive Maddie and Peggy and think her reply through.

c) Peggy had second thoughts after mailing the letter and reclaimed it from the post office to mail weeks later.

d) She was occupied with settling in at the new school in the city.

Correct Answer: Option (c)

Extract 2:

Dear Teacher

My Wanda will not come to your school anymore. Jake also. Now we are moving away to a big city. No more holler ‘Pollack’. No more asking why a funny name. Plenty of funny names in the city.

Yours truly,

Jan Petronski

Q1) Jan’s tone in the writing of the letter IS NOT

a) distressing.

b) spiteful.

c) hurt.

d) painful.

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Q2) What, according to the letter, was the primary reason that prompted Mr Petronski to take the decision to move to a big city?

a) His wish to achieve success in the big city.

b) His urge to join his relatives who mostly lived in the big city.

c) His anxiety over their poverty in the small city.

d) His agony about his children being viewed as ‘outsiders’ by their schoolmates.

Correct Answer: Option (d)

Q3) The dictionary says the following about migration.

Migration involves the movement of people (birds, fish etc.) from one place to another with the intention of settling, permanently or temporarily, at a new location (geographic region).

Which of the following options INCORRECTLY uses ‘migration’?

a) After gold was found in the uninhabited region, there was a migration to that area.

b) Bears sleep through winters. This migration helps bears to use their stored energy much more slowly.

c) There was a mass migration of youngsters to the tagged locale to assist the cause for charity.

d) Scientists have studied the migration of fish over long distances in the river

Correct Answer: Option (b)

Q4) The phrase ‘Pollack’ reveals discrimination on the basis of

a) race.

b) gender.

c) religion.

d) wealth.

Correct Answer: Option (a)

Q5) The line– Plenty of funny names in the city – suggests that the city

a) is a melting pot of people from different parts of the world.

b) has foreign people willing to give opportunities to the poor.

c) is a safe haven for immigrants if they have funny names.

d) has a special status for all who are willing to be funny.

Correct Answer: Option (a)

We hope students have found this information on “CBSE Class 10 English MCQ Chapter 6 The Hundred Dresses – II” useful for their board exam preparation. Keep learning and stay tuned to BYJU’S for further updates on the CBSE Exam. Download BYJU’S – The Learning App and subscribe to the YouTube channel to access interactive study videos.


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