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RD Sharma Solutions Class 6 to 12


RD Sharma Solutions for class 6 to 10 are specially designed to provide the detailed explanation and step by step solution for each and every question mentioned in the RD Sharma Book. The students can prepare easily with easy and quick access to chapter wise and exercise wise questions along with their solutions. The easy to understand format of the content enables the students to learn each and every concept quickly and retain it in their memory for a longer period of time that helps to cover their entire syllabus quite smoothly. The solution of each and every question is completely customised making it easier for students to understand and practice a variety of questions from different sections.


Apart from the annual school exams, there are several other National and International level olympiads like NTSE, KVPY, NSO, International Maths olympiads (IMO) and more that are conducted every year to identify and recognize the students with high intellect and academic talent. Nothing is certain in such competitive exams and questions can be asked from anywhere, therefore, in addition to NCERT textbooks, the students can enhance their preparations by practising from RD Sharma Solutions. These solutions are designed by our experts to clear all your concepts and develop a strong fundamental base. Also, these are essential in solving trickier problems and scoring good marks. The questions given in RD Sharma books are quite helpful in the preparation of several competitive exams conducted at graduate and undergraduate level.


The aim of RD Sharma Solutions is to prepare the students for the most recent trends of competitive examinations and to build a firm foundation of each and every concept. As most of the questions asked in the competitive exams like CAT, GMAT, UPSC, IBPS Exam, etc are generally picked from the basic concepts taught in CBSE Schools from class 6 to 10 mathematics, therefore, instead of preparing all these elementary concepts again and again for competitive exams, it is advantageous for students to have a good grip on basic mathematical concepts from the beginning itself.


The students can prepare RD Sharma solutions for classes 6 to 12 along with the important formulas, shortcut techniques, detailed summary and more by clicking the links given below:



Finding the Square of a Number


Introduction to Circles