Chemistry In Everyday Life Class 12 Notes


Chemistry is essentially the study of materials and the development of new materials for the betterment of humanity. We ourself is a big bag of chemicals, everything around us is made of chemicals. Things we eat, taste, touch involves chemistry and chemicals. Tasting, touching, seeing all these involves intricate series of chemical reactions and interactions in our body.

Chemistry in everyday life is not just limited to baking, fermenting, cooking, boiling and cooling of water. It also includes the vast industrialized systems in the manufacture of several products by using different chemical reactions. The respiration and digestion process in humans is carried by the chemical reactions. Photosynthesis, a biological process by which plants prepares their food is also carried by chemical reaction.

Apart from these chemical reactions, the use of soap, detergents, petroleum products, fertilizers, etc. Are the few examples of how chemistry is used in our everyday life.

Chemistry in Everyday Life Class 12 Notes is mainly on latest class 12th syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education. These notes include important questions,NCERT solutions, diagrams and well-explained concepts about the topic.

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The decreasing order of the first ionization energy of group 16 elements is: