Chemistry Revision Notes for Class 11 Chapter 11 the P-block Elements

The p-block elements are an interesting group of elements that are usually found on the right side of the periodic table from column 3A to 8A (including segments 13-18). Some of the p-block elements include metalloids, noble gases, metals, and halogens. Thus, in class 11 chemistry the topic is dealt with in more detail and students need to learn the general trends, anomalous properties, allotropes and important compounds of p-block elements.

CBSE Notes Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 11 The p-Block Elements

Here, we are offering CBSE revision notes for class 11 Chemistry chapter 11 – the p-block elements to help students learn the topics in full detail and remember them for a longer period of time. Students can download these notes and use them to conduct revisions quickly before exams and at the same be well prepared to tackle any question that can be asked during exams.

Class 11 Chemistry chapter 11 CBSE revision notes PDF is present below.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes Chapter 11: The p-Block Elements

What are the ‘p-block elements’?

“P block” elements are all those in groups 13-18 and always end with 1 or more “p” electrons.

What is a ‘Noble gas’?

Any of a group of rare gases that include helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and usually radon and that exhibit great stability and extremely low reaction rates are called ‘Noble gases’.

What is ‘Ionization energy’?

The ionization energy is a measure of the capability of an element to enter into chemical reactions requiring ion formation or donation of electrons.

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