Class 12 Chemistry Revision Notes

Chemistry tells us what the matter around us is composed of. It is a very interesting subject that has provided significant contributions to humanity. From the discovery of penicillin to the applications of this drug, chemistry has provided valuable contributions that have improved the standard of living. From an academic perspective, chemistry is an important subject as it has many future opportunities. Hence, students need to focus on this subject and aim to score well.

Why Should You Revise Chemistry?

Chemistry is a subject that inherently has a lot of formulas and reactions to memorize. This alone may prove too much of a burden on students. But this can easily be overcome by faithfully sticking to a study-schedule and then constantly reviewing and revising. And the more you revise, the better you get in chemistry. And also, exams would be less stressful and anxiety-inducing. Furthermore, it would actually be easier to recall concepts during the course of an exam.

Why Choose BYJU’S?

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