Physics Revision Notes for Class 12 for Chapter 5 Magnetism and Matter

Distant galaxies, humans and beasts, tiny invisible atoms are all penetrated by magnetic fields from a variety of sources over and over again. Hence, we can say that magnetic phenomenon is universal in nature. In the previous chapter, we studied the relationship between electricity and magnetism. In this chapter, we take a look at magnetism in its own right. One learns the following topics in this chapter:

  • Description of a bar magnet and its behaviour in an external magnetic field
  • Gauss’s law of magnetism followed up with an account of the earth’s magnetic field
  • Classification of materials based on their magnetic properties
  • Electromagnets and permanent magnets

CBSE Notes Class 12 Physics Chapter 5 Magnetism and Matter

Download the CBSE class 12 Physics Revision notes Chapter 5 Magnetism and Matter pdf to efficiently prepare for the class 12 boards. The concise notes provided here comprise of answers with clear-cut explanations and one is sure to score great marks in exams.

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