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Summary of Reach for the Top

Chapter 8 of the Class 9 English textbook – Beehive, consists of a prose – Reach for the Top which is divided into two parts that describes the interesting lives of two great inspiring women, Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova. Here’s the prose summary of the CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – Reach for the Top in CBSE English Notes Class 9 format that students can refer to get an understanding of the chapter. Besides, this prose summary is designed in simple words so that CBSE Class 9 students can access it while they are prepping up for their exams.

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CBSE Class 9 English Reach for the Top Summary

Reach for the Top is the biography of the lives of two great ladies – Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova. The chapter is divided into two parts: Part 1 – “Santosh Yadav” and Part 2 – “Maria Sharapova”. This story celebrates the achievements of these two powerful women who successfully triumphed in the face of adversity.

Reach for the Top Part 1: Santosh Yadav Summary

Part 1 of Reach for the Top starts with Santosh Yadav, the first woman on Earth who has scaled the mighty Mount Everest twice. The story is a biographical piece about a woman who was born in a patriarchal society that does not offer a warm welcome to a daughter, like a son. She was born in a small village of Joniyawas located at Rewari District in Haryana. She was the sixth child of her family with five elder brothers. Although her parents were wealthy landowners, they were not so inclined to provide quality education to their children in good schools. Rather they chose the local village school for their children’s education. Despite growing up in a controlled environment, Santosh chose to defy the societal norms and carved a niche for herself.

From a young age, she was discriminated against on the basis of gender and decided to fight the system in her own way. When Santosh was sixteen years old, her parents pressurised her to tie the knot, like other girls of her village. But she chose not to give in to their pressure tactics. She told her parents firmly that she wanted to study further and wished to carve a place for herself in the society. Besides, she told them that if they objected she would fund her own education by working part-time jobs. Finally, they agreed to fund her education. Soon after that, she took admission at a school in Delhi and passed the high school examinations. Then she joined the Maharani College in Jaipur and booked a room in the Kasturba Hostel.

Since then, her life took a new turn when she enrolled in a course at Uttarkashi’s Nehru Institute of Mountaineering and participated in an expedition. Thereafter, every year she continued participating in an expedition to pursue her new dream of mountaineering. Her hard work finally paid off in 1992, when she climbed the mighty Mount Everest when she was barely twenty years old. She became the youngest woman to achieve such a feat and also saved a fellow mountaineer when she shared her oxygen with him. She secured a unique place for India and herself by creating history in mountaineering and scaling it twice in her lifetime. Santosh was awarded one of the highest civilian honours, the Padma Shri by the Indian government for achieving this marvellous feat.

Reach for the Top Part 2: Maria Sharapova Summary

In Part 2 of Reach for the Top chapter, we learn about the renowned Russian tennis player, Maria Sharapova. This story illustrates her journey of becoming the world champion in women’s tennis. She achieved the number one position through hard labour, extensive rigorous training and several sacrifices on the personal front. In this biography, Maria tells us how she started her tennis training at an early age to reach the summit of women’s tennis when she was barely eighteen years old.

Maria was born in Siberia in Russia and left her home town at the tender age of nine to pursue her dream of becoming a tennis star. She had to stay separately from her mother and moved to Florida along with her father to proceed with her training. Her father worked laboriously to fund her tennis training. Although she suffered bullying on account of being a foreigner, she never lost hope or gave in to petty remarks. Her will and determination led her to achieve success and reap satisfying results from her practice sessions. Apart from practising tennis, her hobbies are fashion, singing and dancing. Although she mentions that money is a motivating factor for playing tennis, her sole aim remains to become and continue being number one in the world of tennis.

Conclusion of Reach for the Top

In the chapter – Reach for the Top, students learn from two inspiring women that due diligence, dedication and hard work always pays off and reaps us a fruitful outcome. This chapter serves as an encouragement for students to take note that if they find some motivation to pursue their dreams, they should make the best use of it in order to walk the path of success.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 English: Reach For The Top

Who was Santosh Yadav?

Santosh Yadav (born 10 October 1967) is an Indian mountaineer. She is the first woman in the world to climb Mount Everest twice.

What are the achievements of Maria Sharapova?

The most significant achievement of Maria Sharapova was winning the women’s singles at Wimbledon in 2004. Also, she was given the world number one position in women’s tennis in 2005.

What is the reward of hard work and diligence?

Hard work pays off on a major scale and it also helps in the performance appraisal.

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