Sample Paper For Class 4 Science

Sample papers are very important for students because solving sample papers brings positive changes in their exam preparation. Practicing sample papers not only can detect a student’s weak and strong sections but also can evaluate their expertise before their examination. Class 4 is the time where students build all their basic concepts Therefore students should practice sample papers regularly to prepare for their exam efficiently and score well in the exam.

Science is a vast subject. The CBSE Syllabus For Class 4 is designed in such a way that it contains all the important concepts required for them. The best way to prepare for this subject is to solve Sample Paper For Class 4 Science which can help students to analyze their progress.

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Practise This Question

NX is produced by the following step of reactions M + X2MX2MX2+X2M3X8

M3X8+N2CO3NX +CO2+M3O4 How much M (metal) is consumed to produce 206 gm of NX. (Take at wt. of M = 56, N = 23, X = 80)