CBSE Sample Paper for Class 4

For Class 4 students practicing CBSE sample paper will help them to prepare themselves in a structured way. CBSE sample paper for Class 4 is designed for all the subjects keeping in mind the CBSE structure and the syllabus. It is a good source of revision for the Class 4 students to score good marks in their exam.

Solving CBSE sample paper for Class 4 will help students to boost up their confidence in their final exam. The sample papers of all the subjects give the students an idea about the difficulty level of the question paper, marks weightage and on which topic to concentrate more.

CBSE sample paper for Class 4 covers the entire syllabus of the academic year. Students must practice the sample paper of the respective subjects so that they didn’t get confused in their final exam. By going through the CBSE sample paper for Class 4 students will have an idea about their preparation status.

Practicing Class 4 CBSE sample paper will make the students aware of the CBSE exam pattern.

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Practise This Question

Which of the following are the limitations of Rutherford’s experiment?
(i) Rutherford couldn't explain how many electrons rotate in a particular orbit.
(ii) Rutherford was not able to explain the stability of an atom.
(iii) Rutherford couldn't explain why electrons undergo acceleration and radiate energy.
(iv) Rutherford couldn't explain the presence of nucleus.