CBSE Sample Paper for Class 1

The CBSE sample papers will help the students to develop a sense of fulfillment adhering to all the requirements. Class 1 sample paper are framed according to the latest curriculum and syllabus based on the NCERT and CBSE board. Solving a CBSE sample paper for Class 1 will help the students to be confident and will get an idea what type of questions they can expect. The CBSE sample papers for Class 1 are formulated for various subjects.

All the sample papers cover the important related concepts according to the perspective of the exam. All the questions asked in the question paper is according to the syllabus and are all specified by the CBSE for the success of students in the examination. CBSE Sample paper will also help the students to get an idea about the making scheme and the exam pattern. It will help the students to get knowledge on which topic to concentrate more.

By solving these sample papers, students will get a proper way to prepare your exams.

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Practise This Question

A cylindrical drum, pushed along by a board rolls forward on the ground. There is on slipping at any contact. Find the distance moved by the man who is pushing the board, when axis of the cylinder covers a distance L.