CBSE 9th Class Maths Question Paper SA2

The central board of Secondary Education is a board of education for public and private schools. CBSE conducts the examination for class 9 usually in the month of March. To excel in this examination, one has to prepare CBSE 9th class Math question paper SA2 properly.

Students who are going to appear for the examination must have read the books and revised too, but one’s preparation can never be complete without taking previous CBSE 9th Class Maths Question Papers SA2 and sample papers to test their preparation process. This will help the students realise their weak sections and help to strengthen them.

Click on below to download CBSE 9th Class Maths question papers SA2

CBSE 9th Class Maths Question Paper SA2

The advantages of CBSE 9th class Maths question paper SA2 are:

  • Students can solve the paper and can relate the time taken by themselves and can speed up accordingly so that they can manage their time at the time of examination.
  • Students can overcome their fear of appearing for the examination, as by solving CBSE 9th class Math question paper SA2; they will get a brief idea about the pattern.
  • Students can practice those sections in which they felt that they are weak or lagging behind.


Practise This Question

Factorize 3 x2 + 5x + 23 = 0 by splitting the middle term and find the value of x.