CBSE Class 10 History Chapter 1 The Rise of Nationalism In Europe Important Questions

History is an integral part of CBSE Class 10 Social Science subject, and learning it can be exciting. Meanwhile, Chapter 1 of CBSE Class 10 History deals with how the idea of nationalism emerged in Europe. Some of the main topics and concepts covered in this chapter include the Rise of Nationalism in Europe, French Revolution, Liberal Nationalism, New Conservatism, Nationalism and Imperialism and more. These CBSE Class 10 History Chapter 1, The Rise of Nationalism In Europe Important Questions, cover these topics and help students to understand the concepts better. Students can solve these for practice. They may come across some of these questions in the board exam.

Students can clear their doubts about the chapter by solving these CBSE Class 10 History Important Questions and prepare well for the board exams. The links to download the PDF version of these questions are given in a link in this article.

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Rise of Nationalism In Europe

1. In revolutionary France, who was given the right to vote?

a) Only men and women who owned property

b) All men

c) All men and women

d) Only men who owned property

2. What is the date of the demolition of the Bastille?

a) 17 July 1790

b) 9 June 1789

c) 14 July 1789

d) 14 May 1786

3. What is the year in which the English Parliament seized power from the British Monarchy?





4. Summarise the attributes of a nation as Renan understands them. Why, in his view, are nations important?

5. What did Liberal Nationalism stand for?

6. Describe the political ends that List hopes to achieve through economic measures.

7. Discuss the importance of language and popular traditions in the creation of national identity.

8. Describe the cause of the Silesian weavers’ uprising. Comment on the viewpoint of the journalist

9. What are the conditions that were viewed as obstacles to the economic exchange and growth of the new commercial classes during the 19th century in Europe?

10. How were liberty and equality for women to be defined?

11. Define the main aim of the French Revolutionaries.

12. Explain why the decade of the 1830s is known as the ‘great economic hardship’ in Europe. Give reasons.

13. What steps did the French revolutionaries take to create a sense of collective identity among the French people?

14. Briefly trace the process of German unification.

15. What are the ideas suggested by Johann Gottfried in promoting the true spirit of a nation? Explain.

16. What changes did Napoleon introduce to make the administrative system more efficient in the territories ruled by him?

17. Define the meaning of “Imperialism.”

18. Explain what is meant by the 1848 revolution of the liberals. What were the political, social and economic ideas supported by the liberals? Discuss.

19. Through a focus on any two countries, explain how nations developed over the nineteenth century.

20. Why did nationalist tensions emerge in the Balkans? Discuss.

21. What was the main aim of the French Revolutionaries?

22. Explain any three causes of conflict in the ‘Balkan area’ after 1871.

23. Write a note on:

  • The Role of Women in Nationalist Struggles
  • Guiseppe Mazzini

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