CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 4 What Books and Burials Tell Us Important Questions

If students want to know what the books and burials tell them, they can explore Chapter 4 of CBSE Class 6 History. We have also given below in this article CBSE Class 6 History Chapter 4 What Books and Burials Tell Us Important Questions for the students to solve. These questions covering the highlights of the Chapter are the best resource for the students to prepare for the exam. Some of these questions could also be asked in the exam. Revising the Chapter becomes easy with these CBSE important questions from Class 6 History Chapter 4.

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What Books and Burials Tell Us

1. What are Vedas? How many Vedas are there?

2. Was iron used in the Harappan cities?

3. Can we make out whether a skeleton was that of a man or a woman?

4. Port-holes were used for ———————

5. Megaliths are found in ————————

6. In what ways are the books we read today different from the Rigveda?

7. What kind of evidence from burials do archaeologists use to find out whether there were social differences amongst those who were buried?

8. In what ways do you think that the life of a raja was different from that of a dasa or dasi?

9. Slaves were women and men who were often captured in war. True or False?

10. Which is the oldest Veda amongst the four Vedas? In which language is it written?

11. Mention the language that belongs to the Dravidian family.

12. How did archaeologists find out the social differences that existed amongst those who were buried?

13. How and Why were the Yajnas performed?

14. What is Sukta?

15. Mention where was the practice of erecting megaliths prevalent.

16. Which are the two rivers that were worshipped as goddesses by the Rig Vedic people?

17. The people in Inamgaon made artefacts of Iron. True/False?

18. Mention the place from where writings on oracle bones were recovered.

19. Mention the name of the privileged class during the Vedic Period.

20. Which is the Animal that held an important place in the life of the Aryans?

21. Rigveda is written in ____ language
(a) Vedic Sanskrit
(b) Vedic Hindi
(c) Vedic Tamil
(d) None of the above

22. The boats and ships come into the Seas and Rivers from ______
(a) Dockyards
(b) Ports
(c) None of the above
(d) Both (a) and (b)

23. Give the name of the oldest veda.
(b) Rigveda
(c) Yajurveda
(d) Atharvaveda


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