Sample Question Paper For Class 7 CBSE Science SA1

CBSE sample papers will help students to find out the pattern and difficulty level of the question paper. Sample question paper for class 7 CBSE science SA1 gives a brief idea of those areas where you have to focus to help you score more in the CBSE exam.

Advantages of Sample question paper for class 7 CBSE Science SA1:

  • Sample papers are always made keeping in mind with the actual paper according to the pattern followed by the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • Students should solve sample papers on a regular basis so that they will have a better idea of the sections in the question paper.

Given below are the links of sample question papers for class 7 CBSE Science SA1 in downloadable format.  

Download Sample Paper For Class 7
CBSE Sample Papers For Class 7 SA1 Science


Practise This Question

Calculate the average minimum temperature and minimum humidity of a place from the given table (weather data of a week). Choose the correct option of the first number represents average minimun tempereature and the second number represents average minimum humidity.

DateMax.~Temp.oC Min.~Temp. oC Min.~Humidity(%)Max.~ Humidity(%)23080636.228548224080635.127538425080637.42754872608063824588327080637.223527928080634.922517229080635.5275285Average36.32??81.71