CBSE Introduces New Exam Pattern for Classes VI to IX

CBSE, from the coming academic year (2017-18) would bring in the ‘uniform system of assessment, examination and report card as a move to standardize teaching and evaluation around schools affiliated to it. From class VI onwards, students would be assessed as per this template prescribed by the board.

As per the words of the board’s chairperson, the move has been brought in to accommodate the board exams from 2018 and to standardize teaching, examination and report card.  The report cards for VI to VIII classes would be having rows that are identical with details like the notebook, terms, subject enrichment, periodic and yearly or half yearly marks scored per subject along with their respective grades.

The students would be graded based on a 3-point scale along with scholastic assessment. In the case of CBSE class IX assessment, the report card would comprise score for a single year with the periodic test, subject enrichment, notebook and annual examination.  The grading scale would be a five-point based one in terms of co-scholastic grading.

As per the new exam pattern of CBSE there would be two terms but the weightage would be at 90 percent for the pen-paper test that would include 10 marks out of 20 kept for periodic assessment per term and 80 marks allotted for yearly or half-yearly exam. Every term would have 100 marks out of which 10 marks would be for submission of notebook and subject enrichment (five marks each) for assessment on the periodic basis.

The CBSE board exam 2020 is to be conducted as per the CBSE syllabus and not NCERT books. So students are advised to prepare for the exam as per the CBSE syllabus provided in the CBSE official website.



    1. You can access the sample papers here.

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