CBSE Marksheet Won't Have “Failed” or “Compartment” Word in Board Result 2020

A key change has been introduced in the CBSE Exam Marksheet 2020 to reduce the exam pressure on class 10 and 12 students by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). As per the information received from news resources, CBSE has decided to do away with the usage of words “Failed” or “Compartment” in result Marksheet 2020. This initiative has been taken by the board to help students in dealing with post result stress. Keep reading to know the complete details.

CBSE Decision Aimed at Reducing Mental Stress of Students

As per the news report, “CBSE has asked school principals and its regional offices to think of alternative terms to ‘failed’ and ‘compartmental’ which can be used on the CBSE marksheets and won’t have a severe impact on the psyche of students”. School Principals have suggested to the board that, ‘compartmental’ can be replaced with a ‘special’ exam, ‘second’ exam, or ‘supplementary’ exam, while ‘failed’ can be replaced with ‘unqualified’ or ‘not qualified’. Thus, the usage of new words would not damage the morale of students.

Current Scenario of CBSE Board Exam Marksheet

Currently, the students who fail in more than 2 subjects are termed as “Failed”, and those who fail in 2 or 1 subject are termed as “Compartment” in their marksheet. Henceforth, after implementation of the new rule, the CBSE will use the new terms in the CBSE 2020 Marksheet.

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