CBSE to Integrate Art with Teaching and Learning Process from Classes 1 to 12

The Central Board of Secondary Education popularly known as CBSE has decided to integrate Art with Teaching and Learning process from Classes 1 to 12 from the new academic session. The Board said that all the schools affiliated to CBSE should teach Art as a mandatory subject and should provide facilities for the same. It also said that every school should compulsorily allot a minimum of two periods per week for Art Education classes.

One of the CBSE Board officials said that they integrated Art Education to promote active and experiential learning to inculcate an appreciation of the vast diversity in the Indian art forms. As per the statement by CBSE board, the understanding is drawn from the NCERT Position Paper (National focus group on Arts, Music, Dance and Theatre) on the subject. The Board said that in the current situation it will organise the curriculum in a packaged manner usually in textbooks, along with examination where they will be judged in terms of marks in the subject area.

In addition to that, the Board said that along with the four major spheres such as music, dance, visual arts (including crafts) and theatre for Classes 6 to 8 culinary art should also be introduced by establishing multi-disciplinary links across their subjects, so that they learn the value of nutritious food, learn about the crops and spices grown in India, about oil extraction from various seeds, about good agricultural practices, pesticides use.

The Board took the decision of integrating Art Education after having discussions with several stakeholders, including schools, principals, teachers, NCERT, art professionals and concluded it with the decision of integrating Art with education which will lead to the betterment of learning in the classrooms.

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