Science Experiments for Class 9

Science Experiments for Class 9

Most people consider science as a fascinating subject for quiet a few  people and consider it as not among their favourites owing to the fact that science has been taught to them in a monotonous manner with the bright and attractive side of the subject being not shown to them.

This is one of the major reasons why the schooling curriculum focuses on fostering the liking for science among students by implementing projects of different types on subjects which could be done even from your home using articles available in the households.  Here are some science  experiments for class IX students that includes topics from Chemistry, Biology and Physics which would be helpful for students to grasp concepts in a simple and lucid manner.

Here are some examples of  Science Experiments:

Science Experiments

Wave Particle Duality of Light

In this experiment, we would be discussing about quantum interference and its relation with wave particle duality since it has been a subject of fascination for science enthusiasts worldwide. Thus you would be able to see the quantum mechanics in action.
Science Experiments

Acid Test – How to spot minerals separately

People would have different answers for the same as they would point out factors like shape color or size of the minerals but sugh statements are not factual. Hence we have to resort to one of the correct ways to figure this out and that way is none other than the acid test.
Science Experiments

Elastic Collision of Equal Masses Using Pool

Pool is one of the classic examples of how physics would come into action. During the game of pool the momentum(product of mass and velocity) of ball should be conserved after every collision. This would imply that the total momentum of collision both before and after should be the exact same.
Science Experiments

How to make a Fireproof balloon

Most children would be curious to learn ways about how to make their balloons fireproof as it is loosely connected to the science physics . If we try to bring a balloon close to fire, it would explode instantly.Let us try to prevent this from happening using the below experiment for students.

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