CBSE Sample Paper For Class 10 SA1

Students who are studying in the CBSE curriculum must be prepared for the SA-1 and SA-2 exam to collectively secure high marks in the CBSE class 10. Students might feel a bit nervous as they will be appearing for the board exam for the very first time. But with a good preparation strategy students can score really well in both the SA-1 and SA-2 exam. Final exam requires good speed and high analytical skills, students must go through all the important questions and last year question papers of CBSE class 10 to perform really well in the final exam. Here at Byju’s you can download cbse sample paper for class 10 sa1 and sa2 to help students know the question pattern and type of question they are going to face in the board exam.



Practise This Question

PQ and PR are tangents. Find PQ (in cm) in given figure.