Economics Term 2 Board exam scheduled for 28th May 2022, for class 12

CBSE class 12 to give its Economics exam on 28 May, 2022. The board exams were divided into two terms for this year class 12 because of the uncertain situations created due to covid-19.

Students have already been assessed on 50% syllabus which was tested in Term 1 in December. The remaining syllabus will be tested in Term 2. Term 1 and 2 both are for 50 marks each. While the written exam consists of 40 marks, the remaining 10 marks are for project work.

Total marks for the final result will be derived from cumulative scoring of Term 1 and Term 2. To checkout the deleted portion of the syllabus

Check out economics class 12 syllabus and class 12 economics sample papers to better evaluate your preparation for term 2 board exam.

Tips on how to prepare for economics term 2 exam

  1. Macro Economics
  • Macroeconomics is a very logical field of Economics, therefore it’s important to understand the theories in depth. Therefore it requires the most amount of attention.
  • Cramming is not an option in microeconomics because it requires great depth of understanding of different terms used in order to understand the question, else you won’t be able to attempt the questions.
  • Practice as many questions as possible.
  • Make a list of what factors come under which formula and why.
  • Revise the formulas everyday.
  • It’s advisable to write and learn the definitions of important terms.
  • Practice making graphs.
  1. Indian Economics
  • Focus on the important topics first, like indian agriculture and then move on to the rest.
  • Take a look at the sample papers to understand what kind of questions can be asked.
  • Write and learn
  • Make a timeline to form a story, so that it becomes easy to understand.
  • Use pointers format to mark those important parts and focus mostly on them.

Things to take care of while giving the exam

  • It’s advisable to attempt the macroeconomics section first.
  • Pay special attention to what has been asked in the question, because in order to confuse the students sometimes unwanted information is also given. Therefore do not get confused.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Instead of writing long answers try to write in pointers format and underline the important details.
  • Revise the paper at least twice before submitting.

Instructions for the final day

  1. Read all the instructions which are written on the question paper carefully.
  2. Mention all your details, like roll number etc on the space provided.
  3. Tie all the sheets in a proper order and re check the numbering of the question before submitting the answer sheet to the invigilator.
  4. Reach the exam venue on time to avoid any kind of disturbance. 
  5. Take care of Covid-19 as well as exam guidelines. 
  6. Do not bring banned items like, digital watch, chits etc, in the exam hall.
  7. Do not forget to take a printed copy of your ID card.


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