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Education has always been the most important tool for success. And school education is the cornerstone for future hopes and dreams. But is the education that is taught in today’s schools relevant? And is it taught in an efficient manner such that all the students are able to grasp the concepts clearly? (And is downloading education apps a better alternative?)

Schools have always employed the traditional way of imparting information. And it has been that way for centuries. But owing to advances in technology, the traditional methods are not very efficient due to them not addressing key areas that impact the learning experience. Modern applications are tailor-made to suit the needs of the user in imparting maximum information efficiently. Traditional classroom methods may suffice to an extent, but they often fall short when there is a need to explain a more complex concept that requires visual or audio aids. And most of the time, interactivity takes a hit as concepts become monotonous due to lack of creativity.

It’s not always fun and games. Or is it?

Imparting information need not be a boring affair. Using apps such as Byju’s can help you understand concepts more efficiently through a tailor-made content that adapts to your style of learning. No more mediocre content or monotonous lectures. Experience learning, experience Byju’s.

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10th- Maths and Science

11th and 12th – JEE and NEET

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