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A pen is an instrument that uses ink and helps write on paper. People can develop a sense of attachment to pens, just like any other thing. The pen is the most important thing for a student, teacher, poet and writer. We mostly find these people holding a pen in their pockets. A pen is the most important tool that helps to express one’s feelings, viewpoints and opinions. It holds emotions in the form of ink and spills them on paper in a beautiful way. Nowadays, people ignore its power, but it can be the mightiest if it is used in the right way. The voice of a pen is not loud, but it can reach the hearts of many people; it makes people immortal. The essay on pens will help students know the importance of a pen. They can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics for their practice to help them participate in various essay writing competitions.

Before the origin of writing, knowledge could only be passed orally. Now, it can be saved and passed on in physical form with the help of a pen. Writing has undergone an evolution over a long period. 50,000 to 1,00,000 years ago, our early ancestors created drawings on cave walls. The history of writing can be traced to the time of the development of language use by primitive man. Previously, people used charcoal to write things, but today, pens are widely used for writing purposes.

The creative ideas of writers are conveyed to the public with writers’ pens. People pen down their pleasant thoughts that boost their confidence. It also works as motivation for them. It is the pen that has made poets and writers more powerful than mighty warriors because many works of literature have stood the test of time and continue to inspire people. Many great writers have broken the stereotype of society and raised their voices for the service of humankind with the help of the pen. So, writing is a gift to humankind that people can use positively to express their opinion and views.

Now, due to the advent of electronic devices, people have lessened the use of pens. However, the mechanics of writing with a pen is still considered by many to be more personal and thought-provoking than using electronic gadgets such as computers, laptops, tablets or phones. With the help of electronic devices, people can automatically correct, spell check, and edit easily, but with a pen, you need to think about it and plan the structure, content, spelling and grammar as you write. Opening an envelope containing a letter or card that someone had taken the time to think about, perhaps gone out and bought, wrote and then posted for someone, is surely a much more personal experience. Choosing a special colour of ink, perhaps even a scented ink, makes the letter look more beautiful and personal. Pens are significant when they are attached to memories or certain events.

Today, people are so engrossed with technology that they only type, read from digital notes, learn from YouTube and write only when it’s necessary. But writing with a pen has many benefits. When we write, we hold a pen in our 3 fingers, which are the pressure points. These pressure points are believed by many to help us to be alert and think clearly.

It is truly said that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’, which speaks about the power of writing. It means a pen can do a lot more than a sword. The power of written words can be more effective than the power of a sword, as they last forever.

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