Re-Exam for PUC Chemistry


PUC 2nd year chemistry examination (new syllabus), which was held on 21st of March, 2016, has been cancelled and scheduled to re-held, due to leakage of question papers by the Department of PU Education (DPUE).

The Pre-University chemistry paper re-examination has been scheduled to be held on March 29.

Many PU students and their parents protested against this whole malfunction. “We have studied hard and written the exam. We did not get the question paper. Why should we suffer and experience the mental trauma again,” a PU student said. (Source – The Hindu)

To conduct a fair enquiry, DPUE suspended the Chief Superintendents and Joint Superintendents of exam centres at SASM PU College for Women, Ballari, and Government PU College, Malur in Kolar district.

As per reports, DPUE PU helpline number got a an anonymous call from a II PU science student in Bengaluru, at 7.30 AM on the day of examination. The whistle-blower told the PU Department official that hand-written question papers are being circulated a among the students over the messaging app ‘WhatsApp’. DPUE Director Pallavi Akurathi said, “He said one of his classmates had sent it to him. He then forwarded the images to us. As many as 36 out of 37 questions in the paper matched.”

With all the reports and facts based on primary investigations, DPUE reported to the State government, which then ordered to cancel the exam and instructed DPUE to conduct a re-exam.


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