Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate Class 7 Science Notes - Chapter 7

Weather of a place is defined as the daily condition of the atmosphere of a particular place concerning humidity, wind-speed,  temperature, rainfall, etc. It is different every day and week. The temperature is said to be at the maximum during the afternoon and minimum during early mornings. Also, the sunrise and sunset timings change. The sun plays a major role in these changes. The climate of the place is defined as the average weather pattern taken over 25 years of time.

Severe climatic conditions are found in two regions viz polar region, tropical region. Animals get adapted to these climatic conditions.

  • Polar regions – These regions are very cold for the entire year. Sunrise and sunset happen for every 6 months each year. Animals adapt to the extremely cold climate with the help of special characteristics like a layer of fat under the skin, white fur, wide and large paws for walking and swimming, and a strong sense of smell, etc.
  • Tropical regions – The animals adapt to the condition by eating different kinds of food to conquer the competition for shelter and food. The animals live on trees, they have a strong tail, birds have bright colors and large beaks, their voice is loud, eat fruits, eyesight is sharp, they can camouflage, and have thick skin.

Few Important Questions

  1. How determine the weather of a place? Explain the elements.
  2. When is the maximum temperature attained during the daytime?
  3. What type of climate does Kerala have?
  4. What is the type of climate in North-east India?
  5. Which changes frequently from the following?
    • (a) weather
    • (b) climate
  1. Why does the tropical rainforest have a large population of animals?
  2. When is the minimum temperature attained during the day?

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