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CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet - A Triumph of Surgery Summary & Notes

Summary of A Triumph of Surgery

Chapter 1 of the Class 10 English Supplementary Reader – Footprints Without Feet, consists of a prose – A Triumph of Surgery which is about a small dog, Tricki who was pampered and overindulged with unhealthy treats by his rich mistress, Mrs Pumphrey. Soon, the dog falls ill and is taken away by the veterinary surgeon, Mr Herriot to hospital for treatment. Given below is the prose summary in the CBSE English Notes Class 10 format. CBSE Class 10 students have easy access to the prose summary of A Triumph of Surgery. They can check the CBSE Class 10 English Prose Notes – A Triumph of Surgery here.

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CBSE Class 10 English A Triumph of Surgery Summary

The chapter, A Triumph of Surgery is about a small dog, Tricki who was always indulged by his rich mistress, Mrs Pumphrey with tasty and unhealthy treats several times a day. Out of love, she would overfeed her pet. Gradually, Tricki gained oodles of weight and became lazy. He hardly exercised or went out for a walk due to his bloated structure. In due course of time, he became bulky and his lack of movement worried Mrs Pumphrey. Soon, she consulted Mr James Herriot, a veterinary surgeon for treatment of her lethargic dog.

Mr Herriot was shocked to see Tricki’s condition and took him to the hospital. He knew Mrs Pumphrey’s overindulgence would never let her pet dog lead a healthy lifestyle. He took the dog along with him and put him on a hospital bed. The dog didn’t move for the first two days and didn’t eat any food either. On the third day, Tricki went outside and played with other bigger dogs in the hospital. He ate the food that was given to him and also licked the bowls of other dogs for the leftover food.

Mr Herriot gave a balanced diet to Tricki along with plenty of physical exercise. Gradually, Tricki’s condition started improving and he started fighting with other dogs for the meals. His mistress, Mrs Pumphrey would send eggs so that her pet didn’t starve and get enough energy to recover from the treatment. However, James Herriot and his partners would eat the eggs daily for breakfast. Further, Mrs Pumphrey also sent bottles of wine to enrich Tricki’s blood. But those again were consumed by Mr Herriot and his partners. He felt sorry for eating the food that was sent by Mrs Pumphrey for Tricki. Soon, as the little dog started showing signs of improvement, the vet decided to call the wealthy lady as she was very worried about her pet’s condition. When she arrived in the hospital to fetch her pet, Tricki was very happy and jumped on her. Mrs Pumphrey was filled with gratitude towards Mr Herriot for curing her dog and felt she couldn’t thank him enough for the wonder he had done to her pet. She felt this was indeed a triumph of surgery.

Conclusion of A Triumph of Surgery

In the chapter – A Triumph of Surgery signifies how rich parents indulge their children with expensive items, which prove harmful for their kids’ health in the long run. We hope this CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without Feet Prose Summary of A Triumph of Surgery helped students to have a detailed understanding of the chapter. To access a huge collection of resources on CBSE Notes and CBSE study material, you can check BYJU’S sample papers, question papers, etc. for your Board exams preparation. You can also download BYJU’S: The Learning App for educational content.

Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 10 English: A Triumph of Surgery

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1. Sports/extracurricular activities 2. Arts/music 3. Foreign language exposure 4. Charity campaigns

What are the ill effects of expensive gift on children?

1. Pride 2. Over confidence 3. Could lead to delusions

Why is ‘Health more important than Wealth’?

If a person is physically fit, then he/has has a sense of well-being. Wealth does not necessarily do the same. Money cannot buy happiness.

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