Class 11 Physics Units and Measurements Chapter 2 Notes

In class 11 student will explore the topic of units and measurement in chapter 2 of the physics textbook. However, the main objective of the chapter is to help students get familiar with topics like SI units, significant figures, a combination of errors, the dimension of a physical quantity, dimension formula and equation, absolute error and they will also learn about the measurement of length, mass and time. As there are many topics to cover and at the same time understand them clearly students need to study smartly.

And to do just that, we at Byju’s are providing class 11 physics chapter 2 notes which will help students in quickly grasping the concepts and make the most out of their study time. The CBSE notes are designed by the experts to provide a complete overview of the chapter in an easy manner using simple language and format. These notes also contain detailed explanations for each topic and will enable students to prepare effectively for the exams.

Units and Measurements

The unit covers the basics of units and measurements, the different quantities that are measurable and the different units that can be used to measure them.

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In physics, there are various common systems of units to measure quantities, they are:

  • FPS system
  • CGS system
  • MKS system
  • SI system

SI units of International Systems of units are a standardized set of units universally. The units which can be used to measure some of the physical quantities are kilogram, metre, ampere, second, mole, kelvin, candela.

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Check out details about some of the important chapter topics below:

The SI Units
Measurement Of Length – Distance
Measurement of Mass: Mass and Weight
Time Measurement By Periodic Events
Errors In Measurement – Absolute Error and Relative Error
Errors in Measurement: Gross Errors, Systematic Errors and Random Errors

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Physics Notes Chapter 2: Unit Measurements


What is a ‘Unit of measurement’?

A standard amount of a physical quantity, such as length, mass, energy, etc, specified multiples of which are used to express magnitudes of that physical quantity is called a unit of measurement.


What is the definition of ‘Speed’?

The ratio of the distance traveled by an object (regardless of its direction) to the time required to travel that distance.


What is ‘Relative error’?

Relative error: When used as a measure of precision, is the ratio of the absolute error of a measurement to the measurement being taken.


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