Physics Revision Notes for Class 11 Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter

Class 11 Physics Revision Notes Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter brings a compilation of all the important concepts to learn in this chapter. These notes are designed carefully by subject experts who have explained in detail the need to know facts about topics in every chapter. Students can find various explanations of concepts like thermal expansion and superficial expansion. We are aware of the definition of emissive power, absorptive power, Stefan’s law etc that is:

  • Thermal Equilibrium – if two objects are in thermal contact and there is no exchange of energy, then they are in thermal equilibrium
  • Emissive power is the energy of thermal radiation emitted in all directions per unit time from each unit area of a surface at any given temperature
  • The absorptive power of a body (or a surface) is defined as the ratio of the energy absorbed in a given time (or in a certain time) to the radiant energy incident on it at the same instant of time
  • The Stefan–Boltzmann law describes the power radiated from a black body in terms of its temperature

Students can find the definition of terms such as and along with that, they will be seeing tables mentioning the coefficient of linear expansion, the specific heat of substances, molar heat and thermal conductivities of materials. These topics, if prepared with the help of these notes, will yield fruitful results.

CBSE Class 11 Physics Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Physics Notes Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter


What is ‘Thermal Equilibrium’?

The condition under which two substances in physical contact with each other exchange no heat energy is known as thermal equilibrium.


What is ‘Conductivity’?

The quality or power of conducting or transmitting heat/ electricty is called as conductivity.


What is ‘Emissive power’?

Emittance (or emissive power) is the total amount of thermal energy emitted per unit area per unit time for all possible wavelengths.


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