Last 10 Years CBSE Board Papers Class 12 Physics

Every year CBSE conducts examinations according to their latest curriculum and syllabus. CBSE class 12 physics board exam paper has overall 26 questions in total which are divided into 5 sections. Students, in order to make themselves completely prepared for the class 12th physics CBSE examination should solve the last 10 years CBSE board papers of class 12 physics. It is important to solve each and every part of the Physics board paper. Even after revision of all chapters, it is very important that student should solve these previous year question papers so that the students can have a brief idea about the difficulties and areas on which they need to work on.

Hence, for the students to score well in their class 12 physics board paper, we are providing the students with the last 10 years CBSE board paper of Class 12 physics in the links given below: 

Download Last 10 Years CBSE Board Papers Class 12 Physics:

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If train A covers the distance between Bangalore and Delhi in 40 hours and train B covers the same distance in 36 hours. Which train has a greater speed?