Chemical Kinetics Notes For Class 12 PDF


Class 12 is an important phase in the life of students from the career point of view. Many students find class 12th to be really challenging. One such reason can due to their fear for scoring well in their boards and the other can be due to their vast syllabus. One of the important subject which students find difficult to understand is the subject of Chemistry, where students are so confused with the elements and their type of reaction.

Chemistry for class 12 contains many topics of which Chemical Kinetics is considered to be one of the most complicated and new topic in which students study about the rate of chemical process, pseudo first order reaction, collision theory of chemical reaction, etc. It includes the study of reaction, how different conditions can influence the speed of chemical reaction, study of reaction mechanism and transition states along with construction of mathematical models to describe the reaction characteristics.

We at BYJU’S provide students with notes on Chemical Kinetics along with some important questions and NCERT solution for class 12th based on latest CBSE syllabus. Students can practice the different questions to excel in their examination.

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Chemical Kinetics : The Study Of Reaction Rates

NCERT Solution for Chemical Kinetics

Important question for Chemical Kinetics


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In Young's double slit experiment using two identical slits, the intensity of the maximum at the centre of the screen is I. What will be the intensity at the centre of the screen if one of the slits is closed?