10 Things To Know Before CBSE Board Exams 2021-22

Before the Exam Begins

Tip 1: Get up on time.

On the night before the exam don’t study late as it is vital to have plenty of sleep so that you wake up, revitalized. According to a current study, although students who study a lot do good in school, children who are up all night studying for exams increase their chances of failing a test and have trouble understanding instruction the next day.

Tip 2: Eat healthily.

Studies say that what you eat can affect your mood, alter anxiety levels, bad temper and promote composure. Moreover, it has been reported that unhealthy meals can intensify stress levels. Do not go for the exam on an empty stomach;

Tip 3: Revisit the notes.

Take a short recap of all the topics at the time of the exam; under no circumstances just read your notes. You must always be retouching them to ‘fix’ the data in your brain (and the easiest method is to write everything down). Your brain has three types of memorial cells – sound, vision and sensation. The finest kind of learning takes place when you use all of these simultaneously. Writing does this – you see the words, you read it in your head as you note them, and you use your three-dimensional senses as you write it down on the paper.

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Tip 4: Go for walks and stay composed.

Have an optimistic approach. Don’t take stress wondering about what will happen; be sure you’re well prepared.

Tip 5: Make sure you reach the exam hall with a good amount of time in hand.

Before leaving for the venue, make sure, you carry everything you need- hall ticket, admit card, stationery; You’ll also feel more tensed if you don’t get there just in time, or worse, late.

Tip 6: Follow the syllabus strictly.

Follow your lessons accurately to complete your syllabus in an orderly manner. This way one will be able to review the curriculum and finish the model papers concurrently.

Tip 7: Solve problems.

Try to solve the exercises at the conclusion of each topic and then search for more exercises. Practice makes perfect, and there is no escaping this reality. The more one practices answering problems, the better he/she gets. Every problem has its facets, and it’s essential to have cracked it in several ways before attempting the exam.

Tip 8: Fall into a schedule and plan your studies.

Carve out a study schedule for board exam preparation and assign sufficient time for every subject. Create a relaxing atmosphere for yourself and stimulate the current of information.

Tip 9: Know your assets and weaknesses.

Enhance your positives but do not ignore your negatives. Focus more to improve on them. Having a clear view of one’s strengths provides confidence and a sense of maturity.

Subject-Wise Tips for Class 10 Board Exam

  • Physics

Grasp the fundamental concepts of the topics. A large section of the exam comprises of theorem-based and direct formulae questions. For that reason, review them carefully to solve questions correctly.

Solve various problems from past years’ papers and sample papers.

  • Chemistry

Chemistry is a high scoring subject, and also needs less time for preparation. Through in-depth study and extensive practice, one can increase speed and accuracy in solving different types of problems.

  • Biology

The subject comprises of lots of diagrams, so give special attention to key diagrams and their concept.

Memorize the important terms and their particular functions.

Biology involves complicated terminology that one needs to commit to their memory. One gets acquainted with the terms by writing them repeatedly.

Get detailed with the main definitions as the subject is theory based.

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  • Mathematics

Once your concepts are clear Mathematics is a high-scoring subject. Do not panic it; in its place, start practising. You will slowly start developing interest.

Calculations can be lengthy and time-consuming. Prepare to attain both quickness and accurateness and be cautious of the small mistakes that you ever so often make.

Compile key formulae that you need to memorize. Keep them accessible so that you can look at them at any time you want.

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