CBSE Class XII Biology Paper Analysis

CBSE class XII Biology exam was conducted recently around the country. Since Biology is one of the key subjects that would help students to score high marks, thereby helping them to raise their percentile to a great extent. A total of 19,85,397 students of class X and XII will be attending the board exams this year.

It is a well-known fact that students who wish to go the medical field would prefer Biology over Mathematics and students who wish to pursue engineering courses would prefer Mathematics over Biology.  Also, Biology is considered as easier in comparison with mathematics and owing to this, plenty of students opt for this subject and also it has a lot of future prospects.

Challenging areas

Section D questions that are value based

From the common observation, one could easily state that topics like sexuality and reproduction are rarely discussed between parents and their adolescent children as the former feels embarrassed. This has resulted in children losing their way sometimes.

(a) Explain the reasons that you feel are behind such embarrassment amongst some parents to freely discuss such issues with their growing children.

(b) By taking one example of a local plant and animal, how would you help these parents to overcome such inhibitions about reproduction and sexuality?

Similar to the social science exam, the questions were generic while them being taken from the syllabus. The students had provided their answers in a generic manner instead of being specific as they were not taken from any particular chapter. Thus the questions were testing the general approach of students of their understanding of basic biology topics.

Type of Questions:

  • Previous year question papers were used to form questions for this year.
  • Regarding the source of questions, a majority of them were drawn from certain reference books and NCERT.
  • Some questions from supplementary materials like polygenic inheritance and thalassemia were asked during the exam.
Section Question Number Question Type Allotted Marks
A 1-5 Very Short 1 Mark
B 6-10 Short answer type I 2 Marks
C 11-22 Short Answer Type II 3 Marks
D 23 Value Based 4 Marks
E 24-26 Long 5 Marks

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