CBSE Schools to Rely on NCERT Textbooks Only

CBSE has informed the schools affiliated under it that the latter would have to rely on NCERT Textbooks from the academic session of 2017-18. The main aim behind this decision is to standardize the curriculum of the schools under the board around the country. A meeting chaired by Union Minister of Human Resource Development for review took the decision for the same. The move is expected to help parents as earlier they were forced to buy textbooks other than the standard ones which are priced at least 300-600 percent higher than the former ones.

The NCERT would try to ensure that enough textbooks would be supplied in necessary quantities across the country by the end of March through the distribution vendors in the list numbering 680 which would ensure that the deadline for April 2017-18 would be met. To achieve this, the affiliated schools have to request online through the board’s website by 22nd of February 2017.

Another reason behind the decision is due to the complaints received by the MHRD from parents and schools on the lack of NCERT books as per the scheduled time and also regarding the exorbitant price of the books sold by private publishers.

As per the mandatory disclosure of the schools, the board has an exact account of necessary textbooks required for Classes I-XII irrespective of the academic season as per the words of a board official. The board has an idea of the class wise number of students in schools instead of based on sections. If the demand for books would increase, the board would know as to whether such a request is genuine or not. As March is the month of admissions, the numbers are subject to fluctuation. However, the schools would factor in these details while making purchases. Finally, the board would have a look at the annual subscription of schools as the board official had stated.


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