Biology Notes For Class 9

CBSE class 9 biology syllabus introduces a variety of important topics like tissues, cell theory, matter, etc. A proper understanding of the fundamental is extremely crucial since the concepts of these chapters are required in higher classes to understand complicated topics easily.

To help the students learn more effectively, few 9th class biology notes are given here. These notes include all the important concepts and diagrams to help the students learn the chapters properly. These biology class 9 CBSE notes are in accordance with the latest CBSE syllabus.

With these notes, learning biology can be easy and effective. Students can also keep biology notes for class 9 pdf and revise the important topics whenever they can. It is also suggested to segregate the notes to quickly get the details of a particular chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 Notes


What are the different states of matter?

Solids, Liquids and Gases are the three main states of matter.


What is the most dense form of solid?

The metal Osmium is the most densely packed solid.


What is relation between evaporation and temperature?

The rate of evaporation increases as the temperature increases.


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