Important Diagrams for CBSE Class 10 Biology

Learning biology not just depends on the linguistic ability of the students but also their understanding of diagrams. Students need to express their subject knowledge and understand the subject via diagrams. Diagrams play a significant role in the theoretical and practical study of life. Drawing a neat and labelled diagram can grasp you good marks as diagrams serve as a valuable tool in understanding the theories through visual perception. Here are some important diagrams for CBSE class 10 Biology.





Reflex Arc

Reflex Arc

Endocrine Glands In Human Beings- Male

Endocrine glands in human beings- Male

Endocrine Glands In Human Beings- Female

Endocrine glands in human beings- female



Internal Structure Of Heart

Internal Structure of heart

Human Respiratory System

Human Respiratory system

Human Digestive System

Human Digestive system

Cross Section Of A Leaf

Cross section of a leaf

Nutrition In Amoeba

Nutrition in Amoeba

Longitudinal Section (LS) Of A Flower

Longitudinal section (LS) of a flower

Germination Of Pollen On Stigma

Germination of pollen on stigma

Practise This Question

In a diving event of Olympics, one participant jumped from a plank 100m above the level of the swimming pool; before diving she tossed herself 5m up in the air, streamlined her body,performed 2 flips and dived right in the pool. What is the distance(d) and displacement (s) travelled by her till the point she hits the pool?