Sports General Knowledge Questions for Class 4

Sports have a tremendous influence on the overall development of a child. It will teach children how to face failures in life and how to handle success. Sports will play a very crucial role in the holistic development of children and help them become responsible citizens. Sports help one reduce mental and physical stress and reduce negative emotions like anger, dejection etc. Sports GK Questions can induce curiosity in Class 4 students about the variety of sports that exist and the people who have achieved success in large sporting events like the Olympics. The below given Sports GK Questions for Class 4 will expose the students to a variety of sports, capture their interest, pursue those sports and improve their psychological well-being.

Developing the hobby of solving Sports GK, questions will not only help children perform better in academic life but also help them in leading a prosperous and successful professional and personal life. General Knowledge Questions for class 4 will help children in building self-confidence and developing important skill sets that will help them in dealing with obstacles that they may come across in their life ahead. General knowledge questions will help a student develop higher thinking ability and become more creative, thereby giving a tremendous boost to their self-esteem.

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Here is a list of GK questions About India in English for class 4

1) Ping-Pong is also known as _______

a) Table Tennis

b) Badminton

c) Rugby

d) Hockey

2) 2024 Olympics will be held at _______

a) Los Angeles

b) Moscow

c) Tokyo

d) Paris

3)_______ is the only grand slam that uses clay court

a) Wimbledon

b) US Open

c) French Open

d) Australian Open

4) Abhinav Bindra won India’s first individual Olympic gold medal in _______

a) Archery

b) Shooting

c) Wrestling

d) Boxing

5) Which of the following is not a team sport in the Olympics _______

a) Water Polo

b) Handball

c) Judo

d) Basketball

6) _______is the winner of Wimbledon 2020 Women’s Singles tournament.

a) Simona Halep

b) Daria Snigur

c) Barbora Strýcová

d) Hsieh Su-wei

Download Sports GK Questions for Class 4 PDF

7) _______won the Indian Super League (ISL) title in 2018-19

a) Kerala Blasters

b) Bangalore FC

c) Mohun Bagan

d) FC Goa

8)_______was the runner-up in the 2011 Cricket World Cup.

a) Sri Lanka

b) Australia

c) South Africa

d) Pakistan

9) Santosh Trophy is a competition associated with the sport of _______ in India.

a) Cricket

b) Football

c) Hockey

d) Badminton

10) Khelo India Programme was launched in _______by the Sports Ministry of India

a) 2019

b) 2020

c) 2017

d) 2016

11)_______won the Khelo India Youth Games in 2020.

a) Maharashtra

b) Haryana

c) Kerala

d) Karnataka

12) _______ is not water sports

a) Rowing

b) Sailing

c) Kayaking

d) Fencing

13) Dipa Karmakar is associated with the sport of _______

a) Gymnastics

b) Judo

c) Taekwondo

d) Shooting

14) Nadia Comaneci is a world famous Gymnast from_______

a) Romania

b) Russia

c) Greece

d) USA

15) The first modern Olympics was held in 1896 in _______

a) Athens

b) Paris

c) Tokyo

d) Atlanta

The above questions are some of the most important general knowledge questions on Sports for Class 4. The answers to them are provided below in the box. For more of such exciting questions on GK on other topics, download our learning app.

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Here are the Answers for Sports GK Questions for Class 4:

1. a) 2. d) 3. c) 4. b) 5. c)
6. a) 7. b) 8. a) 9. b) 10. c)
11. a) 12. d) 13. a) 14. a) 15. a)


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