Important Topics Of Physics Class 12 CBSE

Every student work hard to get good marks in the 12th board exam. But the most important approach to study should be following a systematic study plan. In case of the major subjects in CBSE class 12th like maths, physics and chemistry, students find these subjects difficult because they don’t understand the basics. So, students should first focus on understanding the concepts of every subject which will make learning easier than ever.

We at Byju’s are providing the important topics of physics class 12 CBSE. Students should not only study the whole syllabus but also should learn the important topics to score good marks in the main exam from below links.

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The graph gives the magnitude B(t) of a uniform magnetic field that exists throughout a conducting loop, perpendicular to the plane of the loop. Rank the five regions of the graph according to the magnitude of the emf induced in the loop, greatest first