CBSE Introduces Internal Exams for Class 10 Mathematics and English

CBSE has announced a change in the Class 10 exam pattern, starting the year 2020. Two-Level exams would be conducted for mathematics and English examination in class 10. It is decided that the internal exam of 20 marks will be conducted by the respective schools and the remaining 80 marks will be given to the theory part. The circular stating the change in the examination pattern has been sent to all the schools under the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Students will have to clear the internal exam, conducted by the school, to be eligible to attend the board exams. CBSE has called the introduction of the new exam strategy “learner-centric” and asserted that the school-based ‘internal assessment’ was highly needed to ensure the quality of learning. According to the new rule, the regular theory exam by the board will be conducted for 80 marks and not 100 marks. The official notice has already been sent to the schools affiliated under CBSE and is expected to be available for the public at the earliest.

On a lighter note, the students of CBSE class 10 appearing for the mathematics examination, from the year 2020, will also have an option to choose the level of difficulty in maths. However, students opting for the easier version would not be able to select mathematics as a major subject for higher studies. As per the official circular released by CBSE in 2018, the easier version of mathematics will be called mathematic-basic while the current version of mathematics will be called mathematics-standard.

CBSE has also made the Arts education mandatory for students of class 1 to 12 and has announced that every school will reserve at least two periods of art education per week. The Central Board of Secondary Education is all set to introduce these changes in the exam pattern of class 10, from 2020 onwards, aiming to ease the burden of students.


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