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For any person looking to learn or expand their knowledge about a concept, the best way to do it would be to conduct experiments on it. By working on the topic first hand they will be able to understand and conceptualize the concepts they were taught in the classrooms or learned through a book. With the help of a science experiment, they will be able to cross check their facts and imprint that concept better in their memory.

Take for example, the case of a bottle of cola and mentos. We have all heard the story of how mixing the two ingredients creates a cola geyser. The reaction between the carbonated drink and chewy mint has some chemistry associated between it. The stuffed up carbon in the drink when in contact with the mint creates a nucleation site for the carbon dioxide molecules to form. This creates an excess of carbon dioxide bubbles which rushes out of the coke bottle and forms the shooting out geyser we know.

To experience the benefits of a science experiment app and to learn how it can benefit you, download our Science Experiments App.


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