A single document of certificate and mark sheet to be issued for CBSE Class 10 examinees

The officials on Tuesday have confirmed that starting from this year, The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to issue a single document including both the certificate as well as the mark sheet for Class X board exams. The examination committee had agreed on this regards earlier and was recently approved by the governing body.

A senior board official made it clear that with effect from 2019 a single certificate at the secondary level examination combining the language of the mark sheet and certificate shall be issued for class 10 examination. He also added that the document would be treated as a certificate and candidates would have to fulfil requirements as notified by the board for obtaining a duplicate one. In the meantime, Class 12 students will continue to receive separate documents for both mark sheet and certificate of examination.

In case the student has appeared for an improvement examination, he/she will receive only a separate statement of mark obtained and not a separate pass certificate for that subject alone. The compartment candidates will get three chances to appear for the examination from the 2020 academic session, decided the board. However, the candidates who failed will be allowed to appear for examination the coming year while the practical marks will be carried forward. The board officials declared that the affiliation bye-laws had been altered to incorporate the changes.


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