Biological Classification Class 11 Notes PDF


Biological classification of class 11th deals with study of different types of kingdoms in which the living organisms are divided. Classification systems for the living organisms have hence, undergone several changes over time. Namely the five kingdoms in which the living organisms are divided are Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plantae and Animalia.

Biology is a easy subject but in the higher classes it gets difficult because of the complicated diagrams and topics. In spite of all these students can score really good marks in the CBSE class 11 biology examination with the help of these notes. The complete Biology syllabus has been given in a systematic and well structured way to help students cover the chapters in a easy and efficient way.

Here we have provided the biological classification Class 11 Notes pdf and the complete class 11 Biology Syllabus.

Kingdom Monera Protista Fungi
Features of Kingdom Monera
Plant Kingdom – Plantae
Difference Between Archaea and Bacteria
Kingdom Fungi


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