Heat Class 7 Science Notes - Chapter 4

Have you ever experienced feeling cold inside the house and warm in sun during winter? Also, feeling hot inside as well as outside the house in the summer season? To protect ourselves from the chilling cold we wear clothes made of wool. These woolen clothes are obtained from wool yielding animals such as sheep, goat, yack, etc. Wearing light colored clothes during summer will give us a feeling of coolness. To know if the object is hot or cold, and the degree of its hotness, we will be studying this chapter. The measure of the intensity of heat present in a substance is called temperature. It is measured with the use of a device called thermometer. There are two types of thermometer viz Laboratory thermometer and clinical thermometer. Below are a few differences between the two:

Laboratory thermometer Clinical thermometer
It is mainly used in labs for scientific purposes Used at hospitals, homes, etc.
Wide range and accurate Short range and Simple device

Few Important Questions

  1. Why stainless steel pans are provided with copper bottoms? Explain.
  2. What happens when one end of a wooden spoon is dipped in an ice cream cup?
  3. Calculate and give the right answer: 1lt of water at 30°C is added to 1lt of water at 50°C. What is the temperature of the mixture?
  4. Which color clothes absorb more heat when compared to light colors?
  5. What are conductors? Give one example.
  6. What are insulators? Give an example.
  7. Distinguish between the clinical thermometer and the laboratory thermometer.
  8. How to determine the hotness of an object?

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