Revision Notes For Class 11 Business Studies Chapter 3 Private Public And Global Enterprises

Private, Public and Global enterprises teach the students the differences between these 3 sectors. This chapter is incorporated with the concepts like – meaning of private and public sector, form of public sector enterprises, departmental undertakings, its features, merits and demerits, Public corporation or Statutory corporation – its characteristic features, advantages and limitations, Government companies – advantages and disadvantages, role of public sector – its features, Global enterprises, Joint venture, its merits and demerits.


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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Business Studies Notes Chapter 3: Private Public and Global Enterprises


What is a public sector industry?

Public Sector Industries are those industries which are owned by government or their different agencies.


What is the ‘role of public sector’?

1. Generation of Income 2. Capital Formation 3. Employment 4. Infrastructure 5. Strong Industrial Base 6. Export Promotion and Import Substitution


What is ‘Joint venture’?

A joint venture is a combination of two or more parties that seek the development of a single enterprise or project for profit, sharing the risks associated with its development.


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