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Summary of The Great Stone Face – Part 2

Chapter 10 of the Class 8 English Main Coursebook – Honeydew, consists of a prose – The Great Stone Face – Part 2, which is a continuation of the previous chapter, The Great Stone Face – Part 1. In this part, we learn how Ernest grew up to be a wise man who would work for the betterment of the valley. He finally met a poet who declared that Ernest was the actual look-alike of the Great Stone Face. Read the prose summary of CBSE Class 8 English Prose Notes – The Great Stone Face – Part 2 in the form of CBSE English Notes Class 8 to learn more. We hope this brief summary will help students to get a thorough understanding of the chapter and prepare well for their English exam.

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CBSE Class 8 English The Great Stone Face – Part 2 Summary

The Great Stone Face – Part 2 is the final instalment of the story. In the second part, we learn that Ernest was still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the man resembling the Great Stone Face. Ernest didn’t go out of the valley and continued to stay there. He was a simple-hearted man who became wiser as he aged. Instead of leading a lavish lifestyle outside the valley, he stayed back and worked for the betterment of the people in the valley.

Being humble and helpful in nature, his wisdom spread far and wide. Many people would come and meet him to seek his advice. One summer day, a poet arrived at Ernest’s door holding a book in his hand. He requested Ernest to provide him shelter for a night, to which the latter happily agreed. The poet was surprised with Ernest’s hospitable behaviour and was pleased to meet a wise, gentle and kind man. Ernest was delighted to meet the poet too and wondered if the poet resembled the Great Stone Face. He told the poet that throughout his life he had been eagerly awaiting the prophecy regarding the Great Stone Face to come true. He felt that the poet held the likeness of the Great Stone Face. To this, the poet faintly smiled and replied that he was not worthy of the likeness.

After having a long conversation with Ernest, the poet was greatly impressed by him. At sunset, he accompanied Ernest as the latter was speaking to his neighbours. He spoke very gently to the audience. His words were powerful as they agreed with his real and deep thoughts. The people harmonised with the life which Ernest had always lived in the valley. It was not late before the poet realised that the man who resembled the Great Stone Face was none other than Ernest himself. He was a noble man with a thoughtful face and had a kind behaviour towards everyone.

When the poet expressed this in the presence of the audience that Ernest was the actual look-alike of the Great Stone Face, everyone present vouched for the poet’s keen observation. Thus, the people agreed that the prophecy was finally fulfilled. However, Ernest was not content with this agreement and still hoped that some wiser and better man than himself would arrive in the valley bearing a resemblance to the Great Stone Face.

Conclusion of The Great Stone Face – Part 2

The chapter – The Great Stone Face – Part 2 highlights to students that the man who was desperately searching for a look-alike of the Great Stone Face turned out to be the one who resembled the great mountain. However, he didn’t believe other people’s words and hoped the man resembling the Great Stone Face would arrive some day. Here, we brought you the CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Prose Summary of The Great Stone Face – Part 2 that must have helped 8th Standard students to have a complete understanding of the chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 8 English: The Great Stone Face

What are the types of mountains commonly found?

There are five main types of mountains: volcanic, fold, plateau, fault-block and dome.

Why is being hopeful in life important?

We all sleep peacefully at night hoping to wake up the next morning. Same way being hopeful during all phases of life will bring out a positive attitude and also help us face any unforward situation.

What is a ‘prophecy’?

Prophecy is an inspired utterance of a prophet.

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